EN - space for education

From 2009 on it promotes teaching in the field of ecology, includes educational materials, classroom scenarios, games, multimedia intended for people engaged in environmental education and children. It combines learning with fun and gives practical advice to people to educate children and young people in the field of ecology. Portal recipients are children and teachers, animators of environmental attitudes, parents and people interested in ecology.

  • - working with schools, NGOs, enterprises and other portals it actively promotes environmental education
  • - organizes many events for children, teenagers, and adults with the Zielniak (portal pet)
  • - it’s several thousand unique users, possibility to send the e-mailings with the portal newsletter to schools and private receivers
  • - takes the patronages under hundreds of events (competitions, contests, outdoor events) connected with the environmental protection
  • - it’s a quarantee of appropriate target group

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