The magazine is entirely devoted to water and sewage issues. It has been published since 2003, with circulation of 5,500 copies. The monthly addresses ways to manage water supply and sewerage companies, describes the practical design of equipments, taking into account the scientific and economic aspects, includes current branch laws and their interpretation, and informs on how to finance investments.

91% of readers are people involved in management or professional positions affecting the purchasing decisions*.

81% of readers read advertisements in “Water-Sewage” magazines and treat them as an important and practical source of business information*.

80% of readers treat the “Water-Sewage” magazine as objective and modern*.

* data from the research of the level of readership carried out in May and June 2010, at the request of Editor of Abrys’ magazines. It included more that 1,000 magazines subscribers.


The monthly is distributed by the structure of the distribution of the Publisher (Polish Post Office) and through distributors, based on reliable and constantly updated databases. Moreover, the magazine is present on branch trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.
Moreover, the magazine is present on branch trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.


  • Towns, municipalities, counties;
  • water supply and sewerage companies, waste management companies, waste water treatment plants, water-sewage companies;
  • communal management companies;
  • consulting and engineering bureaus, branch companies (contractors and providers);
  • environmental protection inspectorates, sanitary-epidemiological stations;
  • universities.

Branch events and media patronages

Editor of the monthly magazine "Water-Sewage" is present and takes patronages over the most important branch events. In 2014 the magazine took the patronages over about 30 branch events. The monthly will be promoted inter alia at events such as:

National Training Conference "Methods of sewage sludge treatment"

National Training Conference "Sewerage systems on non-urbanized areas"

National Training Conference "Rainwater - legal, economic and technical aspects"

Scientific and Training Conference "Trenchless Technologies in Underground Infrastructure Pipelines" NO-DIG POLAND 2010

International Water and Sewerage Industry Fair WODOCIĄGI

International Fair of Machines and Facilities for Water-Supply and Sewage Systems WOD-KAN

Convention organized by Waste Management Companies Directors’ National Forum of City Cleaning Systems

National Training Conference "Drying and thermal treatment of sewage sludge"

International Fair of Water and Sewage Infrastructure, Drainage and Land Reclamation TIWS

TradeFair for Water and Sanitation Utilities HYDROSILESIA

International Environmental Protection Congress ENVICON

International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POLEKO

Recycling Forum

International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies KOMTECHNIKA

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