Communal Review

The magazine is a platform of experience and information exchange. Content contained therein both favors the idea of environmental protection and investment in the latest technologies. The monthly has been published since 1991, is the most recognizable magazine in the environmental sector.

"Communal Review" presents the latest technical and organizational solutions concerning the environmental protection, promotes new development made by specialists of different branches connected with the municipal economy, describes municipal problems and presents ways of solving them. 

Since June 2011 the magazine „Communal Review” is a member of European Environmental Press (EEP) Europe-wide association of the leading environmental magazines (one from each country).


The monthly is distributed by the structure of the distribution of the Publisher and through distributors, based on reliable and constantly updated databases. Moreover, the magazine is present on branch trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences and seminars.

Branch events and media patronages

Editor of the monthly magazine "Communal Review" is present and takes patronages over the most important branch events. In 2014 the magazine took the patronages over more than 70 branch events. The monthly will be promoted inter alia at events such as:

National Training Conference "New environmental protection law"

National Training Conference "Exploitation and reclamation of safe landfills"

Fair of Ecology, Municipal Waste Services, Recyclable Materials, Waste Management and Recycling EKOTECH

International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT

National Training Conference "Selective collection, segregation and recycling of wastes"

National Training Conference "Rainwater - legal, economic and technical aspects"

Scientific and Training Conference "Trenchless Technologies in Underground Infrastructure Pipelines" NO-DIG POLAND

International Water and Sewerage Industry Fair WODOCIĄGI

International Fair of Machines and Facilities for Water-Supply and Sewage Systems WOD-KAN

National Training Conference "Fuels from wastes"

National Training Conference "Complex waste management"

International Exhibition "Green is life"

National Conference "Green City"

National Conference  "Public Greenery"

National Training Conference "Drying and thermal treatment of sewage sludge"

International Fair of Water and Sewage Infrastructure, Drainage and Land Reclamation TIWS

Convention organized by Waste Management Companies Directors’ National Forum of City Cleaning Systems

National Training Conference "Problem of the noise in the city"

International Environmental Protection Congress ENVICON

International Trade Fair for Environmental Protection POLEKO

International Trade Fair of Municipal Technologies KOMTECHNIKA


  • Decision-makers in city halls, municipal offices;Presidents, Mayors, Aldermen, Directors, inspectorsin the Environmental Protection Departments andCommunal Economy Departments of these offices
  • Directors and Presidents of communalmanagement companies, waste managementcompanies, city cleaning companies, gardeningcompanies, directors of landfills
  • participants of branch trainings and conferences
  • directors of water sewage plants, managersof waste water treatment plants and watermanagers of branch production, servicesewage companies
  • managers of branch production, service and trade companies
  • directors and presidents of thermal powerplants and companies
  • universities' staff, research institutes and libraries,profiled secondary and tertiary schools
  • directors of sanitary and epidemiological stations
  • Governors in all districts, directors, inspectors in theenvironmental protection departments; provincialand country inspectorates of environmental protection
  • Presidents of Regional Funds for EnvironmentalProtection and Water Management, directors andmanagers of agricultural advisory centers,directors of regional waste water managements,employees of ministries and customs houses
  • eaders and activists of environmental associationsand pro-ecological organizations
  • directors and employees of EnvironmentalProtection Bank divisions
  • directors of environmental protection departmentsin Voivodeship Offices, Marshall's Offices, directorsin the division of offices.

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