Leonardo da Vinci 2001-2003

The "Leonardo da Vinci" project
Since the second half of 2001 our company was involved as the transnational partner in the Leonardo da Vinci project "Transfer of Environmental Training Tools and Methods". The contractor of this project was BJG GmbH based in Berlin together with ITUT e.V. based in Leipzig. They prepared an analysis of the situation regarding environmental education in various countries. Based on this analysis they defined premises, partners, goals, objective groups, phases, and provided effects.

The Premises
In the Central and Eastern European Countries the European standards for environmental protection in the areas waste, waste water, air, energy, hazardous goods and environmental management are still not applied appropriately. A study conducted by ITUT e.V. showed that the interest in improving their engagement in these areas is high. On account of this, representatives from Central and Eastern European Countries chose, where the pilot project "Transfer of Environmental Education" was being implemented. 

The Partners
There were 8 institutions participating in this project:

  • BFW - Bremen, Germany (Contractor) BJG GmbH - Berlin, Germany
  • The Kaunas University of Technology, The Institute of Environmental Engineering - Kaunas, Lithuania
  • Slovak Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Presov, Slovak Republic
  • Latvian Pollution Prevention Center - Riga, LatviaCzech Cleaner Production Center - Prague, Czech Republic
  • In Service Teacher Training Institute - Stara Zagora, Bulgaria
  • Environmental Protection Association - Lublijana, Slovenia
  • Abrys Sp. z o.o. - Poznań, Poland

The ObjectiveThe project "Transfer of Environmental Education"
targeted the improvement of knowledge in the countries of the partners' institutions. Curricula, training units, didactic material and handbooks that were developed and tested in former projects formed a basis for knowledge transfer into the CEEC. The objective of the project was to promote the integration of CEEC into the EC.

The Phases
The basic objective group consisted of the multipliers of environmental investments.

By applying the proven approach "Train the Trainers" multipliers in the CEEC, i.e. organizations dealing in further professional education, consulting and environmental protection, the ministries of environment, universities, chambers as well as environment consultants in institutions and communities were to be acquainted with the structure and didactic philosophy underlying the training modules. In a further step, the project served to analyse and compared the facilities that promote environmental education and consulting in all participating countries. Best practices from the predominant structures was bringing together in a uniform concept so as to gain synergies.

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