The activity of the Department of International Cooperation is based on providing knowledge, information and tools and to showing foreign entities comprehensive solutions necessary for entering the Polish environmental protection market. 

We offer assistance to foreign companies present in the Polish environmental protection market and to all interested in entering the Polish market in establishing business contacts.

We advice foreign companies on planning complex advertising campaigns (advertisements in magazines published by us, electronic media). We prepare reports on the environmental protection market in Poland. We have developed a database of branch companies and institutions. We cooperate with foreign companies on organizing our trainings and conferences (there is a possibility of company promotion at the conference).


1. Magazines

Announcements, advertisements, sponsored articles or inserts in our magazines:

Preparation of special supplements for Communal Magazines, especially for those who are present at the branch trade fairs and conferences,
Preparation, printing of flyers (and their insertion into magazines).

2. Trainings and conferences

Presenting your company on our Conference: promotional speech, promotional stand, your offer included in the Conference materials, sponsoring of the Conference,
Possibility of delivering a lecture on innovative technology, typical experiences of the local market at branch conferences,
Organization of seminar promoting your company in Poland.

3. Internet Portals

Placing information or logo of company in ABRYS newsletter e-bulletin which is sent to about 10.000 recipients every month,
Placing your offer or banner on the website,

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4. Database

Preparation of professional reports concerning the environmental protection market in Poland,
Gathering, translation and supplying of information concerning the Polish market, in the sector of your interest,
Access to the base of potential recipients in Poland,
Postal mailing with the offer to chosen companies,
E-mailing with offer to chosen recipients.

Some of our customers:

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