Department of International Cooperation

Department of International Cooperation offers comprehensive service for foreign entities.

Taking advantage of many years of experience in being active in the Polish and international environmental protection market, Abrys has developed a comprehensive offer for foreign entities. 

The activity of the Department of International Cooperation is based on providing knowledge, information and tools and to showing foreign entities comprehensive solutions necessary for entering the Polish environmental protection market. 

We offer assistance to foreign companies present in the Polish environmental protection market and to all interested in entering the Polish market in establishing business contacts. Being present in the environmental protection market for many years we have developed a vast database of entities from the sector. We cooperate with all significant trade fairs organized in Poland and invite to cooperation all foreign entities being exhibitors of the fairs.

Offer for companies

We advice foreign companies on planning complex advertising campaigns. We prepare reports on the environmental protection market in Poland. We have developed a database of branch companies and institutions. We cooperate with foreign companies on organizing our trainings and conferences.

Offer for Trade Fair organizers

We have many years of experience in cooperation with the biggest and most important European environmental protection trade fairs. We promote them on the Polish market. In the last years we have extended the list by smaller international branch events as trade fairs, seminars, conferences, etc..

Offer for Embassies

Our cooperation with embassies and chambers of commerce is based on many years of experience which we gained during numerous jointly organized initiatives for the benefit of environmental protection in Poland and abroad. We assist Trade Departments of Embassies in promotion of foreign companies, national stands at trade fairs in Poland, we draw up reports on environmental protection and on specific national projects, foreign companies could participate in.

At the level of cooperation between the above mentioned subjects we ensure many foreign companies successful entering the Polish market.

One aspect of our activity is organization of INTERNATIONAL STUDY TRIPS. Up till now we have organized more than 40. We organize trips for representatives of Polish companies and local authorities to the biggest international trade fairs, technical plants of international companies.