Selective collection, segregation and recycling of waste

Date 24.03.2011

III Conference organized by Abrys

3rd National Conference "Selective collection, segregation and recycling of waste"
March 24-25, 2011; Szczecin


the aim of this edition of the conference was to present complex solutions for the waste management branch. We invited the winners of the Recycling Can Competition to present their solutions as they have the best achievements in the communal waste collection. During the meeting present collections and segregations systems as well as the competences of changing the systems because of the new law requirements were presented. This edition of the conference gathered about 120 participants.


  • Representatives of local and national administration responsible for waste management,
  • Representatives of communal management, utilisation and waste disposal companies
  • Representatives of The Provincial Funds for Environmental Protection and Waste Management,
  • Employees of Inspectorates of Environmental Protections,
  • Representatives of academies and institutions connected with waste disposal issues,Representatives of project’s offices and companies from a communal management branch.

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