Methods of treatment of the sewage sludge

Date 03.02.2011

II Conference organized by Abrys

2nd National Conference "Methods of treatment of the sewage sludge"
February 3-4, 2011; Zielona Góra - Żary

Scientific supervision:

prof. January Bień PhD Eng, Częstochowa University of Technology


During the conference the aims and directions of sewage sludge treatment as well as new technologies relevant to wastewater treatment plants were presented. Moreover the current state of sewage sludge treatment investments in our country also was presented.

On the second day of the conference the participants visited the solar drying of sludge plant in Żary and sludge drying plant in the "Łącza" waste water treatment plant in Zielona Góra.

This edition of the conference gathered about 75 participants.


  • managers of water supply and sewage companies,
  • representatives of Regional Water Management Boards,
  • staff of Marshal’s Offices, Voivodship, Country, City and municipality offices,
  • representatives of Regional Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management,
  • representatives of branch companies,
  • representatives of scientific centers.

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