Mechanical and biological treatment of municipal waste

Date 09.05.2011

IV Conference organized by Abrys

4th  National Conference "Mechanical biological treatment of communal wastes"
May 9-11, 2011; Poznań-Leszno (Poland)


The aim of the meeting was to summarize the activities in Poland, which caused and cause the significant changes in the way of the waste management. During the conference the most important legal requirements on the waste management as well as the comments to the assumption for the new system of waste management (including MBT) were presented. Very important were the subjects connected with the profitability of that kind of the waste management as well as the chances and development barriers for that kind of plant in Poland. This edition of the conference gathered about 160 participants.


  • Directors of communal management, utilisation and waste disposal companies,
  • Managers and employees of landfills,
  • Representatives of local and national administration responsible for waste management,
  • Representatives of The Voivodeship Funds for Environmental Protection and Waste Management,
  • Employees of Inspectorates of Environmental Protections,
  • Representatives of academies and institutions concerning waste disposal issues,
  • Representatives of project’s offices and companies from a communal management branch.

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