Exploitation and reclamation od safe landfills

Date 23.02.2011

XXI Conference organized by Abrys

21st National Conference "Exploitation and reclamation of safe landfills"
February 23-25, 2011; Chorzów-Knurów

Program Board of the Conference:

Piotr Manczarski PhD Eng., Warsaw University of Technology – Chairman
prof. Marek Górski PhD Eng., University of Łódź
Lidia Sieja PhD Eng., IETU
Barbara Kozłowska PhD Eng., Technical University of Łódź
Ryszard Szpadt PhD Eng., Wrocław University of Technology


The aim of the this edition of the conference was to summarize the activities in Poland, which have contributed and contribute to make significant changes in the way of wastes management. During the meeting participants got the information about the phases of the exploitation of landfills as well as its modernization and finally about its closure and reclamation. This edition of the conference gathered more than 150 participants.


  • management of the communal waste plants, utilization plants, waste management plants,
  • directors and staff of the landfills,
  • representatives of government and local government responsible for the waste management,
  • representatives of Regional Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management,
  • staff of Environmental Protection Inspectorates,
  • staff of Universities, institutions which work in the waste landfilling field,
  • representatives of the project offices and branch companies.

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