Drying and thermal treatment of sewage sludge

Date 14.09.2011

V Conference organized by Abrys

5th National Conference "Drying and thermal treatment of sewage sludge"
September 14-16, 2011; Kielce (Poland)



Tadeusz Pająk Eur Ing, University of Science and Technology



The Marshal of Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship
President of the City of Kielce



"Drying and thermal treatment of sewage sludge" conference has become an integral part of the series of meetings on sewage sludge management. Program for  5th edition of the conference laid down by the scientific supervisor of the conference, Tadeusz Pająk Eur Ing., addressed mostly strategic solutions in the scope of drying, incineration and co-incineration of sludge in Poland and EU countries. At the conference possibilities of sewage sludge application in e.g. in power engineering and the cement industry were presented. Traditionally the conference tackled overview and assessment of national investments in the scope of sewage sludge drying and incineration, where single companies presented their experiences with building and operation of plants. This is one of the most important parts of the conference for representatives of sewage sludge companies who have a possibility to compare technologies and to transfer optimal solutions to their designed plants. This edition of the conference gathered 130 participants.


Participants of the conference:

  • managers of water supply and sewage companies,
  • representatives of Regional Water Management Boards,
  • staff of Marshal’s Offices, Voivodship, Country, City and municipality offices,
  • representatives of Regional Funds for Environmental Protection and Water Management,
  • representatives of branch companies,
  • representatives of scientific centres.

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