Complex management of waste

Date 05.09.2011

XV Conference organized by Abrys

15th National Conference "Complex management of waste"
Waste management at the municipal and regional level – efficient transition to the new system

September 5-7, 2011; Łódź


Barbara Kozłowska, PhD, Eng., Technical University of Łódź
Prof. Marek Górski, PhD, Eng., University of łódź


President of the City of Łódź
Polish Chamber of Waste Management


The goal of this edition of the conference was the analysis of an amendment  of the act on maintaining order and cleanness in municipalities, which comes into force next year. Broad interpretation of the act as well as commentaries of invited lecturers were enable comprehensive presentation of changes brought by transformation of waste management system. Emphasized were the topics concerning functioning of inter-municipal associations and regional waste management plants. Regional municipal waste treatment plants will become a well awaited solution enabling municipalities comprehensive waste management. This edition of the conference gathered about 230 participants.

Participants of the conference:

  • Representatives of communal management, utilization and waste disposal companies,
  • Managers and employees of landfills,
  • Representatives of local and national administration responsible for waste management,
  • Representatives of The Voivodeship Funds for Environmental Protection and Waste Management,
  • Employees of Environmental Protections Inspectorates,
  • Representatives of universities and institutions concerning waste disposal issues,
  • Representatives of design offices and companies from the communal management branch.

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