Abrys for the environment

Environment friendly actions are for the time being for many companies mere empty words or, at best, short-term marketing actions. Abrys believes that writing on environmental protection requires application of rules serving the improvement of the environment. Therefore Abrys attaches great importance to issues of environmental protection and encourages employees to act environmentally responsible.

Do you know that the decomposition of the plastic bottle thrown out to the waste bin 
might last even 500 years?

In our company we sort waste so it can be recycled.


recykling, utylizacja

Do you know that to produce 1 ton of paper 17 trees must be cut down?

We reduce consumption of paper in office by duplex printing.


recykling papieru

Do you know that each glass bottle, which is recycled, saves energy which is needed to light
the 100-watt bulb for four hours?

We sort the glass and we care about the low level of energy consumption in our company.


recykling szkła

Do you know that about ¾ of the energy consumed by a building is used to heat your home?

Abrys head-office already at the design stage had been adequate insulation which significantly reduced our consumption of heat energy. 


ocieplanie budynków
Picture of Abrys head-office from the thermal imaging camera. Thermovision test result

Do you know that switching the car for the bike – you can reduce CO2 emissions by up to
several tons per year?

We contribute to reducing CO2 emissions among others by sensitizing the staff on the choice of means of transport – some of us ride a bicycle, while others choose the public transport.



Do you know that the watch battery containing the silver effectively pollutes
from 5000 to 50 000 liters of water?
In turn, one battery in the composting plant will poison the whole batch of compost?

Our company selectively collects electrical and electronic equipment and batteries. In only one year we collect about 42 kg of used batteries, about 300 CDs and DVDs, 34 kg of printer cartridge and 157 kg of other electrical and electronic equipment.



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