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Magdalena Dutka - Abrys President of the Board

There is nothing more valuable in the modern world as reliable information – it lets us acquire knowledge necessary for making proper decisions and undertaking effective actions which guarantee success in our branch. Thus a reliable source of information becomes today not only a facilitation but far more a necessity.

For over 25 years Abrys has been satisfying expectations of its customers, giving them access to complex knowledge and information.

The mission of Abrys company is to deliver and promote information and knowledge aiming at improving efficiency of ecological, economic and organizational effects in the area of environmental protection and municipal management.

ABRYS remains the leader in the Polish publishing market as well as in organizing conferences, seminars, and trainings concerning environmental protection, municipal management, energy production and related topics.

We are the publisher of branch magazines, periodicals and books on environmental protection and municipal management.

We organize international, national and regional conferences, seminars and foreign study trips devoted to the widely understood environmental protection, municipal management and related branches.

We maintain branch information portals, which not only provide information, but also educate and become engaged in many ecological activities.

We award environment attitudes and organize many environmental contests.

We prepare planning studies and documentation on environmental protection, sustainable development and waste management.

What distinguishes us:

  • Experience – for more than 20 years we have been acquiring and transferring the knowledge connected with environmental protection.
  • Complexity – our products and services complement each other, creating an effective promotional tool for players in the environmental sector.
  • Frankness – we are characterized by partner and individual approach in relations with our partners.

ABRYS has been cooperating with the most important national and foreign scientific institutes, institutions and companies active in the environmental protection. We use knowledge and experience of the most recognized specialists within the branch. We believe that unbiased information and proper education provided by our company contributes to the preservation of the environment – environment we live in and which we will hand down to our children and grandchildren.

Our offer is addressed to those, who believe that the environment is the superior asset.

President of the Board
Magdalena Dutka

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