Wojciech Dutka – the man who started it all

Wojciech Dutka, Abrys President of the Board, 1988-2005

Wojciech Dutka was the founder of ABRYS. He also set the main goals of the company as well as its development path, meeting environmental protection and municipal management branch needs. Establishing in 1991 the Poland’s first magazine for municipal services and public administration – "Przegląd Komunalny" [Communal Review] – became a milestone for promotion of sustainable development and environmental friendly actions in Poland. Following the success of the magazine and customer expectations, further magazines entered the market, that is "Recykling" [Recycling], "Czysta Energia" [Clean Energy], "Wodociągi-Kanalizacja" [Water-Sewage] and "Leksykon Techniki Komunalnej" [Communal Technique Lexicon].

His enthusiasm and multitude of ideas which became reality made a significant contribution towards substantial development of the environmental sector – thus shaping environmentally responsible attitudes among local authorities and managers. His actions embraced also organization of cyclic scientific conferences regarding, among other things, construction and operation of landfills, utilization of medical waste and functioning of communal companies. Furthermore, he participated in program preparation of over 200 environmental trainings and conferences organized by Abrys. During the POLEKO Fair Wojciech Dutka organized Ogólnopolski Zjazd Ekologiczny [National Ecological Convention], which under his watchful eye gained international dimension, as well as two editions of Poznan EKO MEDIA FORUM, an environmental education event for children and teenagers. Wojciech Dutka organized some national competitions as well as “Glass Statuette”, and later “Recycling Cup” to mention the most important, promoting recycling and separate waste collection among entrepreneurs, local authorities and residents.

Apart from his business activities, Wojciech Dutka also actively took part in some professional and regional organizations. He belonged to the Polski Klub Ekologiczny [Polish Ecological Club], Polskie Zrzeszenie Inżynierów i Techników Sanitarnych [Polish Association of Engineers and Sanitary Technicians] and Towarzystwo Konsultantów Polskich [Polish Consultants Corporation]. He was also the founder of the foundation Fundacja Polskie Urządzenia Komunalne [Polish Municipal Devices Foundation]. As a town councilman for a couple successive terms he actively took part in the work of the council of the city of Luboń and as a delegate to the local government assembly of the Poznań voivodship for two terms he led the Environmental Commission. Wojciech Dutka was also among the founders of the Regionalny Oddział Polskiej Izby Ekologii w Poznaniu [Poznań Regional Branch of the Polish Ecological Chamber].

Wojciech Dutka has a great share in development of the city of Luboń: he was co-founder of the local magazine "Wieści Lubońskie" [Luboń News], participated in the work of Stowarzyszenie Kulturalno-Oświatowe "Forum Lubońskie" [Cultural – Educational Association "Luboń Forum"] and co-founded the Lubońska Fundacja Ekologiczna "Zielona edukacja" [Luboń Ecological Foundation "Green Education"]. For his active participation and commitment he was posthumously honored with the "Złota Odznaka Zasłużony dla Stowarzyszenia Forum Lubońskie" – "Golden Badge of Merit for the Luboń Forum Association".

One of his greatest achievements for the region was organization and formulation of program objectives of Wielkopolskie Forum Ekologiczne – Wielkopolska Ecological Forum.

For his professional and social engagement he was honored with the Golden and Silver Cross of Merit, Medal of the Board of National Education, Golden Badge of Honor "of Merit for Spatial Managment", Badge of Honor of the City of Poznań, Golden and Silver Badge of Honor "of Merit for the Environmental Protection and Water Management", Badge of Honor "of Merit for the Wielkopolskie Voivodship", and posthumously honored by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management with the distinction for merit for development system of financing environmental protection in Poland.

Posthumously, in recognition of merit for the environmental protection, Wojciech Dutka was honored  with the Award for Organic Work in Environmental Protection.

He wrote his last will by his whole life with ideas, actions, compassion and a good heart. When he left, he was at the height of his professional activities, however, as the ancient saying goes, "non omnis moriar" – Not All of Me Shall Die. He could definitely say that, for he left behind a team of well prepared and formed people, who are ready to continue his life’s work.

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